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This is a secondary blog that I created because my Brittana fangirling is pretty out of place on my personal blog. Before creating this page I understood that secondary blogs come with limitations, like not being able to send asks, follow other blogs, or ‘like’ posts. What I did not anticipate is just how frustrating it is to maintain a blog with these limitations. Argh!

From now on I’ll be blogging and fangirling to my full potential through THE-DAMN-BEAR.TUMBLR.COM.


Catch me on the flip.

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lord grant me the strength to accept the plot lines i cannot change

courage to continue to watch the show

and wisdom to remember i am not a member of the psychotic part  of the fandom


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how i spent my superbowl sunday

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"And I’m not afraid to cut a bitch."

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Just finished Cora709’s Set the World On Fire. It was so emotional and so real, I was on the edge of my seat for the last hour. I had to take breaks to calm myself down. I know that sounds like a very fangirly dramatic thing to say, but it’s true, I did. Her writing is the perfect mix of raw emotion and perfectly timed comedy, I may have suffered emotional whiplash. It feels so good to have positive Brittana feelings again.

Everyone go read!

Is there a group or space that exists where folks can go to when they want to gush about the parallels between the show and the fic? Because I am ridiculously excited, and I know that I’m not going to be the only one who’s going to flip their shit when we’re introduced to a new character named Amelia, or something like that.

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"i should write glee"

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"I had a chance to read a copy of The Well of Loneliness that had been translated into Polish before I was taken into the camps. I was a young girl at the time, around twelve or thirteen, and one of the ways I survived in the camp was by remembering that book. I wanted to live long enough to kiss a woman."

A Jewish woman, in a conversation at the Lesbian Herstory Archives, quoted by Joan Nestle, in the Lesbian Herstory Archives Newsletter, June 1992. (via meowatthedisco)


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